The wind blew swiftly through the man's blonde hair. He wore a green tattered tunic, matching his dark green eyes, a black pair of shorts and a tattered pair of brown leather boots. He wore this attire beneath his white cloak. His name, Jule, and he is sixteen-years-young.

He pulled the cloak over his head full of his thick, blonde hair, and headed down the beaten, stick covered path to the forest. Once in the forest he noticed something odd; the forest was silent. No chattering of squirrels or the chirping of birds. He listened. He realized that not even the sound of rustling leaves could be heard. Jule looked around, trying to figure out why all was silent. He also noticed that it was very dark.

Yes, the forest was usually dark, but not like this. He was a homeless man who lived in the forest ever since the age of two, when his parents where taken away by orcs. At that time he had fed himself and survived off the forest. At the age of five he had killed his first orc, and he would kill many to avenge his parents. He turned the corner on the path and was forced to make a decision. There, in front of him, was a man with a bow pointed at him. Should he run back or take his chances? Too late, he thought as he rushed the man. The man fired and he ducked the arrow, which harmlessly flew into a bush behind him. Jule tackled the man to the ground and pinned him. The man tried to get the bow back but Jule kicked it away.

"Who are you and why are you following me?" Jule asked.

"I am Ishtar and I am a forest native, I have lived here my whole life," he said, looking at Jule. "I am an Elf," he said.

Jule took the bow and crammed it into the Elves hands. "Follow me," said Jule.

He led the Elf to the little clearing he had lived in for so long. It was place surrounded by five or six trees. He could sleep under the thorn bush every night.

Showing the Elf the clearing, the Elf laughed, saying, "Nice place you have."

"Well I call it home," Jule said, laughing.

In the clearing was a pouch full of berries and a dagger. Jule tucked the dagger into his pocket and grabbed the pouch of berries, putting them into his pocket as well.

"I'm going to Verzol, care to come?" asked Jule.

"Yes," said Ishtar smiling.

Jule and Ishtar headed towards Verzol. The scenery just as beautiful as the forest. Oak trees with caterpillars crawling all over the leaves, squirrels hopping from tree-top to tree-top, and the wind blowing smoothly, making music with the rustling leaves.

Extremely exhausted from their journey, they arrived in Verzol, late in the afternoon. Slumping down beside Ishtar against a large, sturdy oak tree, they began eating some of the nice, ripe berries.

Jule got up and walked to a nearby house with a sign in front saying 'free room in the basement.' "I'm going to the forest." Ishtar said. Jule nodded and knocked on the door, awaiting an answer from inside.

The door opened and a tall, red-haired lady appeared in the doorway.

"Do you want the basement?" The lady asked. Jule nodded and she showed him the way.

Falling asleep on the floor, Jule got little sleep from his fidgeting. When Jule woke up, he discovered himself, bound by thick ropes in the middle of the forest.

"Orcs…" He thought, looking around. There were four or five orcs guarding him. He had lost the dagger but still had the berries.

Jule knew his parents would be here , if they were alive. He would wait untill night and try to get out.

About a couple hours later the moon came out from behind some clouds. The orcs had fallen asleep. They didn't know how to tie people up so he slipped out easily.

Jule took his dagger and walked around quietly. He saw his parents. They were older. About fourteen years older.

He took a key off a guard who woke up. He unlocked the cage and told his parents to run.

When they got to the city they were exhausted. They all walked into the basement house he told his parents he would live by himself in the forest. After a couple goodbye's Jule went into the forest.

Edited By: Mikenna.