Bias Breeds Bias

I can't discuss racial tension

Without someone telling me I hate other races

Even when I've never been unkind to them

And want them to be free

Is it wrong to talk about sexism?

Without someone saying that I hate men

Because I'm currently afraid of them?

But still keep them as friends?

Maybe I don't agree with conservatives

It's my own opinion to say it

But sometimes if they're open-minded

There will be a middle ground

I do say that some Christians dislike me

I never said that Atheists weren't mean to them

Or that any religion has it easy

I'm just writing what I know

And I also never said that I'm a cutter

Just because I write about those who do it

I personally want to help people

But that doesn't seem to matter

So you think I discriminate

Because I write about discrimination

But bias breeds more bias

And I'm trying to stop it