Retreating to the dark shadowed corner,
Blending in perfectly,
Never seen or heard.
Dark like the enfolding night,
Clear as crystal waters shimmering on a lake,
Silent without a voice.
A burden upon your sinister souls,
Clinging, sticking like a spider's web,
Refusing to release you, the shadows become a part of you.
Still you choose not to see or feel her pleading hands upon your flesh,
Still you ignore her voice rising in hurt and pain.
Nothing but an annoyance, a liability.
Child of the blood ignored,
Pushed aside until wanted or needed.
Living in those shadowed corners,
Bleeding inside and out as she wastes away,
Within the darkness you placed over her.
Fading into the silver dust of unwanted memories,
Scattered by the wind until nothing remains.
No shadows of her soul,
No invisible outline of her being,
No silent cries of her misery,
No hands reaching out to you,
No heavy burden upon your souls,
No more blood spilling from her,
No more.
Child of the blood no more.