This is the story that answers the question everyone asks at least once:

"What if I were a cross-dressing super hero?" What's that you say? You've never asked that question? You've never really even thought about it? Well, here's the answer any way.

This is what happens when a crazy, Danish, Aquarius teams up with her equally crazy bisexual friend. Queen of Drags was original suppose to be a comic, but both of us have no drawing skills. But I can write, so wha-la! A story is born!

I'm putting the first story up on a trail basis, so if you like it you need to review it. If you hate it, well, review it any way. Each Queen of Drags story is short, only five chapters. The series itself will be ten stories long. If the response is good, I will post all ten of them as soon as I write them.

I'm sorry about the amount of swearing in this first book. As I said, I co-wrote it with my friend and he likes to swear. The other nine stories I will primarily be writing by myself, so they won't be as bad.

With all that said, sit back, have some popcorn, grab something to drink, and enjoy the Queen of Drags.