Chapter Five

Here I Come to Save the Day!


Doctor Verybad looked down at the screaming, panicking crowd that lay before him. He smiled. It was beautiful.

'Now.' he thought. 'What should I blow up first?'

"Eenny, meanie, miney, moe." He pressed a random button, and lasers flew out of the doom chicken's eyes. He watched the random people flee in terror. He laughed, and reached to press the button again, but suddenly something hit his chicken with such a force it almost knocked it over on it's side.

"What the?"

"I have come to stop you Doctor Furry Bod!" Reno announced, just arriving on the scene. Doctor Verybad turned the chicken so it faced the super hero.

"That's Doctor Verybad. No Furry Bod, or Terry Tod. Very. Bad." He grinned wickedly. "You know like me." Reno was confused.

"Wait – what? Huh?"

"Never mind it's time for you to die now." Lasers flew at the drag queen's head. He quickly dodged them and rolled to the side. With lighting quick reflexes, he reached into his belt and pulled out exploding barrettes. Launching them at the doom chicken, it blew out on of it's eyes.

"Curse you Queen of Drags!" Doctor Verybad looked around for something to shoot to distract the hero. Finally he found his target. He shot his remaining working laser beam at the top of a building, causing rubble to rain down on the innocent bystanders. Reno noticed then a blonde women completely oblivious to the fact she was about to be crushed by falling debris.

"Crystal!" Reno muttered in urgency as he took his grappling hook and launched it upwards. Taking a swinging leap towards Crystal, he grabbed her just in the nick of time.

"Can I give you a lift?" He questioned, as Crystal's blue eyes stared at him in awe.

"Queen of Drags." She whispered. Reno landed softly on the ground, and set her down.

"If you'll excuse me ma'am I have a bad guy yo take care of."

"Little help!" Peter cried, who was being shook like a rag doll in one of the doom chickens talons.

"Hang on!" Reno shouted in reply. Relaunching his grappling hook, it caught

in the center of the eyes and pulled him up. Peter was dropped to the ground, as Doctor Verybad began to violently shake the robot in a mad attempt to throw off the super her.

"I'm sorry Doctor Fairy Fod, but your evil doing days are over!" Reno said as he plated one of his hair spray bombs, and set it for twenty seconds. He then followed Peter and used his grappling hook to hoist him to a nearby building. In his cockpit Doctor Verybad laughed.

"Retreating already? Are you chicken?" He laughed some more, until he noticed the beeping nosie. "Uh-oh." As Peter and Reno began to calmly walk back to the drag-plane, the doom chicken exploded.

The next day Audrey and Reno were sitting in his office reading the front page story about the Queen of Drags, written by Crystal of course. Reno was drinking his coffee, and Audrey was, well, being Audrey.

"What kind of crap name is the Daily Star anyways?" Reno looked over the top of the paper he had been reading.

"You're a very spiteful person, you know that?"

"Hello?" asked a feminine voice. Audrey rolled her eyes.

"My day just got a whole lot worse."

"Hello Crystal!" Reno greeted, he then turned to his secretary. "Audrey, shoo." Audrey got up from where she was sitting.

"Fine, I can tell when I'm not wanted," She paused, and looked Crystal straight in the eye. "Unlike some people."

"Just go!"

"I'm already gone." Audrey shut the door behind her.

"How can I help you today Crystal?" He asked her as she sat down in the chair across from his desk.

"You've heard of the Queen of Drags, right?"

"Of course."

"Well one of my fellow reporters told me that you knew how to get a hold of him."

"That's true."

"So could you? Get a hold of him for me, I mean."

"Why?" Crystal's face began to reddened.

"Um, I need to tell him something." She murmured. Reno leaned back in his chair.

"I'll see what I can do." Crystal flashed him her megawatt smile.

"Thanks!" she hesitated for a moment. "Um, Reno."


"I know the Walter's case isn't over yet, but – would you like to get that drink tonight?" Reno smiled at her.

"I'd love to." Crystal returned her smile.

"All right, wonderful! I'll see you tonight around eight, at the black note?" Reno's phone began to ring.

"I'll be there. Bye."

"Bye." Crystal left and Reno picked up his phone.

"This is Reno Hendrix speaking."


"Hey Dru."

"I would have used the video phone, but I saw you were with someone." Reno looked around puzzled.

"How did you know I was with someone?"

"I put a small camera in the corner. Wave hi now!"

"Okay, that's kinda creepy."

"Just don't do anything I don't want to see and we'll be fine."

"So, what news do you have for me?"

"I reviewed your big battle from a bank security camera across the street. I hate to day it, but it looks like your bad guy escaped through means of an ejection pad. I'll send you the video."

"Okay, thanks. Bye."

"Bye." Reno opened his mailbox, and watched video. He paused it, and zoomed in on the small figure above the exploding doom chicken. Reno leaned forward in his chair and frowned. "Who are you Doctor Verybad?"