Written by: Felicia Spencer

AN: Here's a personal poem for me. I hope you guys like this. It's not all
dark, and angsty like my previous stuff. There's a reason why, but only for
me to know. Just know that I'm happy right now. Seriously happy. Anyway
ignore my ramblings. I'm in serious need of therapy. Shut up. I'm happy.
:) Enjoy the poem.
AN2: I also screwed up again. This is a revision of Forevermore. I type
this poem on my computer without writing it down. The first version was ten
times better than this one. However silly me did the very thing I said that
I wasn't going to do. Anyway it was storming something wicked outside, and
the power cut off briefly, and since I didn't save my work it was deleted.
You'd think that I would've learned something useful by now huh? Well I
still liked the way that this one came out, and hopefully you will too.

I've finally found what I was searching for
And now that you're here, I'm so afraid
I feel as though I won't measure up
To the expectations that you've laid

I'm afraid of losing you again
Like I've done in the past
I'm so scared that I'd screw things up
And that our feelings wouldn't last

All I ask for is your patience
While I try to figure things out
My mind and heart are at war
And I'm feeling overwhelmed with doubt

But I don't want to hurt you again
I've done that way too much
All I want is to make you happy
And become someone you can trust

Just know this, and believe my words
That yes I still love you
My feelings for you were always clear
And those feelings will always be true

Right now it's struggle for me
To confess the way I feel
Not knowing if you feel the same
Keeps me from being real

All I ask is that you wait for me
Let me figure things out
I know that I want you in my life
Of that I have no doubts

So baby if you read this
Please don't cry or grieve
I know that I want you by my side
And that I don't want you to leave

Right now confusion is apparent
And I no longer want to hide
I'm growing older everyday
And you're still not by my side

So now I want to stake my claim
Before I end up losing you
If you have no feelings at all for me
Then you know what you have to do

Just know this one little thing
That I'm not willing to let you go
You'll always remain in heart
And that's forevermore

So give me just a little time
I promise I'll make it up to you
I'm too stubborn to give you up
It's something that I'm not going to do

I'm not trying to be some crazy stalker
I'm not trying to push you away
I'm just asking you for a little time
To get the courage to say what I have to say

So my love before I go
Know that my feelings haven't changed
I love you just like I did before
And those feelings are still the same