The deal
Written by: Felicia Spencer

AN: Hmmmm I'll let you guys/gals figure out what this poem is about all on
your own. I hope you like it. This is me being a little frisky in my
writings, which is also rare for me. Don't worry it's nothing that bad. At
least I hope not. Enjoy. R&R.

I have one small confession
That I'd really like to make
The feelings I have for you
I can no longer fake

I've loved you from the start
Believe me I really do
I also admit to this
There's been no one since you

I just can't get you off of my mind
And I'm glad that you feel the same
It brings comfort in my life
Knowing you haven't changed

I miss you, believe me I really do
Let us reunite
Let us be like we were meant to be
Starting from tonight

Tell me can you feel it
The love, the passion, the need
For your love, I'm starving
And I'll feast upon on it with greed

Whoa let me slow down a bit
I don't want to move too fast
A love like ours is also rare
And I really want it to last

So tell me what you want from me
I really want to know
I really want you in my life
And baby don't say no

Do you really love me
Or should we just be friends
We've parted ways once before
And let's not do it again

Thank you for letting me know
That you still care about me
I was never anything special
So tell me what is it you see

The time has come for both of us
To stop playing these childish games
We're both old enough to know
That things are about to change

If you want to play these games,
So play your card if you dare
You should know that I like to win
Don't tell me that you're scared

Whoa! I really should quit it
You see what you make me do
I'm going crazy over here
And it's all because of you

But I don't mind being crazy
If I'm crazy over you babe
I think I'm really too far gone
But I'm glad you made me this way