Crying for memories lost,
Time lost,
Love lost.
Breaking from the strain
Of holding on to intangible hopes and dreams.
The people I need aren't here for me,
All they see is a slim shadow upon the wall.
I suffer alone without your hands to wipe away the tears,
Talking to your bodies of empty air and empty souls.
Why do you ignore me so?
I am your kin, your blood, your only daughter,
A young lady with dreams of the future and a heart full of love,
Love of Friends,
Love of Life,
Love of Words.
Words that flow together in breathtaking verses of poetry,
Poetry you may never see, for your eyes are always blind to me,
And your ears are ever deaf to me.
The words I say to you out loud or in my prayers,
Reach only the ears of God, for they are wasted on you.
Hear me only when you want to,
See me only when you want to.
The way it is,
The way it will forever be
Until that distant, faithful day,
A day when my hatred and pain will wash away,
A day when the murky film is removed from your blind eyes,
And the cotton removed from your ears,
And you can see me for who I am,
Not what I am,
And hear honest words straight from my heart,
Not twisted, vile lies.
I pray to God to help me,
To help you,
Before the sand in His hourglass spills through,
Before Time runs out for me,
Before Time runs out,
For you.