Hope forsaken
Abandon me
Leave me here alone
Let me in my solitude
Await there 'till dawn

Raise my head up to the moon
Greet her in my mind
Sing melodies of our despair
Just to pass the time

Floating through the midnight sky
Weaving through the stars
Searching for a new life
It's so hard to carry on

Clouds steal her away from me
Hiding her from my eyes
I spread my wings to their extent
Then I slowly rise

Black hellish nightmare in the sky
Borne from the things you fear
Eyes of red so bloodshot
Bleeding crimson streams of tears

At night time is when I come out
In shadows I hide
The dark is what I can confide in
I know that my secrets it will keep
Burrow then bury them deep
In the recesses of my soul
I'm letting go, I'm letting go

Impenetrable barrier between two worlds
Closed gate to keep me out
Covers my friend completely now
She screams desperate shouts

No faint moonbeams cast down
To vaguely light my way
I don't know how to go on
I'm lost and I can't stay

In the passageway between two worlds
So different it's hard to believe
That one can be centered in between
Reality and fantasy

The choice is made as I soar
I am flying free in a dragon form
I'll live with dignity
In fantasy, I'll stay

And so I'm flying
To get a fleeting glance
Of the moon which I have come to know
So well, I can tell
Here is where I'm meant to be

Wandering aimlessly through heavens
No place with a goal to stare at
Close to the things I love
But not quite up there yet

Yearning and longing for a friend
The company of the moon
Black silhouette of a dragon
Will stay, not leaving soon

To see me you won't wait much
Time won't be drawn out long
Spot me as the curtain night falls
Before I disappear at dawn…

A/N: Inspired by the beautiful moon that was getting covered by black clouds tonight (it disappeared completely and has been overshadowed for like 5 minutes now)… the AIM Expression "Black Dragon" on www.mytheme.com and X-Japan's "Kurenai" Music Box Version.