Pale Roses

When all my work is done

And everything is gone

I'll still be the one

Remembered as the beautiful girl

With sparkling pink lips

Silky blonde hair and crystal blue eyes

No one will ever look past my lies

Sometimes I sit in my room

And wonder why I tremble

Freeze to death inside

When I see the one I "love"

But I'll always be beautiful

That will be my escape

And my betrayal

It's never enough

The cute skirts I buy

The passionate kisses

The secret wants and wishes

There's always someone better

When you use me

The glitter washes away

Unwanted and broken

All this used to mean something


I'm screaming for someone to notice

For someone to love me

But all you see is my body

It took me ten years to see that

Now you're going to pay

Taking the money, leaving you behind

Don't move, or I'll strike

Stay down, hidden away

The way I always did

I'm not coming back

Until I find myself

A dozen pale roses

Fall across my feet

I'm wanted again

They beckon to me

A dark, alluring smile

I can please again

Now I make my move

He couldn't resist me

We could forget about my past

Caught up in the moment

Never thinking about tomorrow

The next girl down the road

Replacing me in his embrace

That's why I had to leave him

I'll move somewhere else

Dispose of them as he did to me

I'm going to keep trying

But I'll never stop living this lie

Being this wretched jewel

To be won and thrown away

Won, lost, and forgotten

But I won't let my sadness show

I'll always live for the moment

One more sparkling kiss

And you're gone

I'm here to sing my last song

And smile my last grin

And I will be too

One ticket to nowhere

Where I can be loved

Where I can be free

Until my imperfections show

And I change my name

To start over


A/N: This is NOT about me!  I'm not blonde and conceited, I swear.