I looked away,
I then looked back,
You tried to say,
That you hadn't changed.

If it was my choice,
I'd never leave,
I wouldn't fall to pieces,
You're love I'd keep.

You're the only one I trust,
The only one I want,
I don't want to break,
But past loves can haunt.

I want to know how you feel,
How you feel about me,
Is there still hope?
Or are we never again to be?

I don't want to fall to pieces,
But it's all I seem to do,
I'm broken inside 'coz you're gone,
And babe I needed you.

And now you're gone,
I sit in tears,
I'm reminiscing the curse,
And the love to fear.

By Siobhan
Date: 26/8/2004