Sand Man of the Century

Here lyes a man without the will to stand
He stares upon the sky painted in red
Unknown shall the golden sun set beyond
So will his mind be without a thought.

"I shall regret my life, my love in time
Yet end it now or never again climb.

Cast out my breath into it's long last sleep
Into corners shall my mind be too deep"

He spoke through the hollowing peaks, vast
"I hunger in due past shall not last
May the blackened beaked crows feed on my flesh?
I shall not mourn in their thresh."

Dust blew as the rising dunes fell off
So shall nations who fell under the poor
Dry shall the fertile soil of the Earth be
In days of the sand, the world shall tremble.

Drowned by the clashing waves of the world
The dying man worships no god or word
Damned shall he be and his born son.

Exiled by the depth of every love one

A cloud of mist covered his sunken eyes
O how he wished he could watch the sunrise

As his eyelids closed, he dreamt of the sea
And looking beyond, a smile one would almost see.

All shall end in every mans willing post
Poisoned is the grave of his wife's left corpse
His chest lifted like a broken glass
He sung his last tone till his tone outlast.

May God have mercy.

-Nic and Boey