Damn I fucking hate you
Every time you let me fall
Tell me what I should do
I just hate it when you call

You never should've lied to me
I can't stand your crappy face
Will you ever let me be?
I love you not even a trace

You say that you truly care
But all you can do is hurt
Touch me not, don't even dare
Stop being so god damn curt!

The rumors you spread all over
It all makes me feel so mad
You've never actually been sober
Hurting you makes me feel so glad

I'm pissed off at the moment
Just saw you with a smile
You never should have shown it
This number you didn't have to dial

I saw you crying the other day
You never made me feel so content
Hurting you is fun, what more can I say
I am now no more dependant

You can call me a sadistic bitch
Since all I want to do is watch you die
Nevertheless you left me lying in that ditch
You made me fucking cry

All I can say is that you really suck
Every time you upset another like me
That's why you have no good luck
What you do is what you get, you see

You're a player, emotion slayer
Now your face is covered with dirt
I no longer care if you glare
Your eyes are no longer full of mirth

I want to watch you falling from the skies
Shattering your arrogance and pride
I'll get my revenge for all your stupid lies
Just hope you never again see my bad side

You're just a stupid asshole
I'm happy you left me alone
That black heart's darker than coal
I hope you break all your bones

I want to get free from these chains
Your chains, you fucking bastard!
I'm not a prisoner, can't feel pain
The look on your face is so absurd

Give me a justified reason as to why
Why you put me through all that shit
Don't you know emotions one cannot buy?
Fuck you! I want answers god damn it!