Gazing through his binoculars he watched her. She was an angel on earth, the one reason he lived, the only reason he breathed for. He was in love with her body ,her long brown hair, and her deep brown eye. He knew every detail about her from years of watching, following, and stalking.
He watched her as she walked, the wind caressing her beautiful hair. The more he watched her the more he wanted her. He set his binoculars on the wooden table next to him & admired the walls of his bedroom. They were plastered with pictures of his love, her talking to with her friends, her walking on the sidewalk, as much as he could get. He was proud of his work. His shrine to her.
She got out of her room and began her walk to school. The walk she made everyday. But today it felt different, as if someone was watching her. When she got to school her best friend called to her, "Jorden, hey dude. What's up?" asked Cameron as she walked to Jorden and gave her a knuckle grip.
"Dude, I got the new Slipknot CD yesterday. It totally rocks." Cameron said as they walked to their table where their other peeps were chilling at.
" Yeah I got that CD too , in my dream last night. Dude I got the weirdest feeling on my way to school, like someone was following me." Jorden said, a chill going down her spine.
"Dude seriously? That's freaky. I never really get that feeling." Cameron said cocking an eyebrow.
" Really? I get it all the time." Jorden said in a voice of surprise.
"Dude, maybe you have a stalker." Cameron said as she started walking to the coke machine with a dollar in her hand. Jorden followed.
" Yeah right like someone would want to stalk me. Hey Lonnie, do you think someone would want to stalk me?" asked Jorden to their friend Lonnie who was passing by to get a coke as well.
"Yeah. Why wouldn't they want your juicy anus." She replied laughing. Cameron laughed as she inserted the dollar in the machine and punched the button for a Dr.Pepper, but it wouldn't come out.
"Damn piece of crap." Cameron snapped as she kicked the machine. Wouldn't ya know the next thing that popped up was the drink. "Thank you."
The group returned to their area once everyone had their favorite drink. They decided to sit at their favorite table. "Hey Cameron. Do you really think I could I have a stalker?" as Jorden finished her sentence Benji popped up next to her.
"What do you mean? You think you have a stalker? Oh wait I forgot, that was me yeah sorry." Benji joked.
"I thought it'd probably be you." Cameron said.