Watching her with her girl friends was easy for him. He just couldn't stand seeing her with other guys, it brought a feeling worst than hate to him. He again looked at his shrine; something new was added to his collection. It was a picture of her and Benji conversating with one another. Benji's face had been cut out and replaced with a picture of himself, a much better match he thought.
Cameron woke up in reply to the annoying ring of her alarm clock. She threw her sheets across the bed and stood up and walked to her bathroom. After she finished the usual routine of brushing her teeth and taking a piss, she walked into her room and grabbed her hairbrush from the dresser. She ran her brush through her long thick hair, which she dyed reddish brown a while back. She tossed her brush aside and got her uniform clothes. After she changed she took her beaten up black and red converses and put them on. She grabbed her book sack and ran down the hall to the door and left the trailer. She got to her friend Katie's house and saw that she was already in her car. She hopped in as well and the ride to school of course was mostly of Katie's road rage, which was usual.
Jorden got to school early and automatically sat at their usual table and waited for her friends to arrive. She looked at the white cement table and read the graffiti that was written largely. There were different sayings, names, curse words, and obscene art. As she sat there, her long black and brown hair fell over her eyes as she began to dose off. All of a sudden she was awoke by a sudden shake. It was her friend Adam. His hazel eyes were looking at her as she jumped up.
"Sorry didn't mean to scare you. Just wanted to make sure you weren't dead or anything," he said laughing at his own dumb joke.
"It's all right, I was just taking a little nap so I don't fall asleep in French class, 'cause that would suck. Although who would blame me, Monsieur Hardy has no personality whatsoever," she said yawning from exhaustion.
After Adam left, Jorden was able to have peace again. But not for long. As she started to dose off again she heard someone whisper in her ear, "Hi there sexy." Jorden immediately jumped from the table, only to hear laughing behind her.
"Cameron you frikken bitch!" Jorden said as she hit Cameron on the arm.
"You know you liked it," she said winking at her.
"Why is everybody sneaking up on me?" Jorden said doing her fake cry.
"Hell it was funny." Cameron replied.
"How would you like to be snuck up on twice in three minutes? It's not fun."
" I'd just feel really special." Cameron said smiling.
"Yeah special ed. Hey did you just fart?" Jorden asked smelling the air.
"No dude, it's Reagan passing by." Cameron whispered as the skinny smelly kid passed by.
Jorden and Cameron sat down at the table and discussed an episode of Viva La Bam. As they were sitting down Jorden began to finally relax again. Although her peace would soon be disturbed yet again. Slowly Benji crept up behind Jorden and began tickling her ribs.
Jorden screamed because of the surprise of Benji coming up behind her, but then gave in to the tickling sensation and laughed. Then Benji stopped tickling her and then his blue-green eyes met her brown ones. He slowly leaned forward and his lips touched hers in a regular kiss. (For all you dirty minds out there) As their lips departed from each other Benji began to blush.
"You slut!" Lonnie screamed at Jorden, since Lonnie had not so secretly always had a crush on Benji.
Jorden and Benji just rolled their eyes. Cameron looked at her best friend then began clapping.
"Good job you guys good times," said Cameron a large smile on her face. They were soon interrupted by the sound of the bell. "Damn dude. I don't wanna go to P.E." Cameron whined. "See you guys later."
"You too." they all said and as Jorden started to go the direction of her French class, someone grabbed her arm and stopped her. It was Benji.
"Hey dude we need to talk. I have to go. Bye." he said and surprised when Benji kissed her on the cheek.
'Wow that was sudden.' Jorden thought. 'Damn I need to get to French.'
Jorden walked over to her lunch spot to find that Benji was already there, waiting with two Mountain Dew Code Red. When she stood next to him he offered her one of the drinks.
"Mountain Dew Code Red, my favorite." she said grabbing the drink from his hand. "Oh yeah, thanks."
"Your welcome," he said beginning to blush again.
"What did you want to talk about?" Jorden asked as she took a sip from her drink.
"Well.uh." Benji started to stammer. "Ya know we've been knowing each other since we were still crapping in our diapers right?"
"Well I was thinking.maybe we should.." Benji started to blush uncontrollably.
"Benji are you o.k.?" Jorden asked him in concern.
"Yeah I'm fine."
"I think I know what you're trying to say." Jorden said.
"What would that be?" Benji asked.
"That since we've been knowing each other for a long time and that we're really comfortable with one another, plus the fact that I'm sexy, you wanna go out?" Jorden said.
"Uh yeah basically that's what I was going to say." Benji said surprised. "So you wanna?"
"Sure." Jorden said and then gave him a kiss. She walked over to Cameron and sat down. Cameron noticed the happy expression on Jorden's face.
"Dude why are you so happy? Did you get ass-raped in the bathroom?" Cameron said laughing.
Jorden punched her lightly on the shoulder. "Shut up. Dude guess what? Benji asked me out and I said yes."
"Dude awesome! Took long enough." Cameron took a sip from her Dr.Pepper.
"I know." Jorden agreed. "But it finally happened." The two spent the rest of lunch talking about random things.
September 25, 2004
Today she got a boyfriend. I can't believe Jorden would pick that loser Benji over me. It's driving me crazy. I have to find out a way to get Benji out the picture. There's only one way to do that and that's to kill him. Benji must die.