Guardian Angel

By Jamie Day

Chapter 1

He was doing it again. Her father, Cordon, was in one of his modes again. She stood shivering in anticipation and fear as he filled the tub with cold, COLD water. After he filled it he turned and quickly stripped off her clothes before making her jump into the basin. He often did this when he was angry with someone or something. It was just easier to take out his anger on her.

After sitting in the water basin for at least two hours he made her get out and do her chores. Her father and her didn't get along at all and he didn't let her forget it. Their relationship was so bad that a while ago, when he was having trouble earning money, her father sold her working skills for a bottle of whiskey. So, unfortunately, now she works at a pub.

Sometimes she just likes to believe that one of these days she's going to be saved by Prince Charming and they'll "live happily ever after!" She was thinking about falling in love and getting out of this hellhole so much while she was working that she tripped and feel on a man sitting in a dark corner and spilt some beer on him. "Oh, my goodness! I'm sorry. I'm so sorry!"

She was so busy trying to apologize and clean up her mess that she didn't notice her father coming up behind her until it was to late to run away and hide. "You lazy girl! I get you a job and this is how you repay me!"

"I didn't mean to spill anything on this nice man!" She responded, feeling more than a just little sympathy for the man listening to them bicker as they do so often, which usually ends with her being punished. "I'm really sorry." She said to the man but was stopped from saying any more in the way of apology by a sharp pain in her arm as she was jerked up from the ground.

"You don't talk to me like that, girl!" Before she could respond he hit her across the face. Once, Twice. She felt a warm cut on her check that came form the rings Cordon insisted on wearing. It was his way of mind that if he wore fancy things and acted as if he owned everyone around him people would respect him and think he was very rich.

"Please." She tried to beg him. "I didn't mean it." But it was too late. He threw her across the rest of the room and she just missed hitting the edge of the mantle with her head. When he was coming back at her for another round she raised her hands in defense. She waited, tensing for the blow, but it never came. She lowered her hands only to be startled by the fact that the man she had spilt beer on was holding her father back. Not only was he helping her, he had stepped out of the shadows, and he had taken off the wet cape that had rested around his shoulders. He was positively, absolutely, extraordinarily handsome.

"Now," he said slowly. "That's no way to treat a lady." His voice was so calm it was positively scary to those he was using it against. But for anyone else it was so soothing that everyone in the room couldn't help but listen. Jamie couldn't help feeling that it was like a lullaby.

"She's my daughter!" Cordon yelled in a shaky voice. "I'll treat her however the hell I want to treat her and you'll have no say over it."

The dark stranger stood silent for a moment. Thinking over the situation he couldn't believe what he was about to say but he knew it was the only way to help this girl out of her prison. However, he wondered how much he would be helping her if he got her out of her prison and threw her into his hell. He took a deep breath before he said the one thing that would change his life forever. "I'll buy her form you."

She gasped. What was he talking about? He couldn't possibly want her for anything. She was barely even good at doing her chores in time to get to work. What kind of help could that be to him?

"I can't sell her!" For a moment she actually thought that she meant something to her father and her heart expanded in her chest with hope but that hope was soon dashed and her heart deflated when she heard his reason.

"Why not?" The handsome stranger asked. Clearly surprised. He had figured it would not be a big deal to the man because it was obvious that his daughter and their relationship meant nothing to the man.

"Who will do the chores around the house if I sold her!"

"I'll give you anything you want." Now she knew her mouth was hanging open. Where did he come from? Did they sell many people in his homeland?

"Anything?" Cordon's greed was the strongest force in the world at that moment.

"Anything." Cordon stood slightly on his tiptoes and leaned over to whisper into the stranger's ear. He whispered that he wanted a "female companion" and a maid and as much money as he could get his hands on. The stranger looked at him for a moment, blinking, before he smiled and said, "Done."

Oh, My Gosh! I was just sold!