Chapter 9

Jamie couldn't help but feel like the luckiest woman in the world right now. She had a strong, handsome man who was willing to tell her exactly how he felt about her and wanted to do anything just to see her happy.

She wasn't exactly sure what love felt like but she knew that she would die for him, that she would rather be dead than without him.

She thought of all these things while standing on a balcony from a hotel. They had stopped during the night this time so she was covered in a blanket of stars.

The only love she'd ever felt was for family,, but that's family. It's different.

She backed up and analyzed her thoughts again. When she looked at the big, strong, handsome man on the bed her mind was made up. She loved him…what else could this emotion be?

This realized she went and lay with him on the bed. William felt the bed shift but pretended to still be asleep.

"I love you, my Angel." She whispered to him. The she rolled toward him and took him into her arms. He returned the gesture still pretending. He held her until long after she went to sleep.

She loves me…!


I know it's short. It looked so much longer on paper. I'm sorry. I'll try harder to make the next chapter longer…