Chapter 2

Annabella sat thinking at her bed. Everything was quiet. It was the middle of the night. She was left here with no one. He mother and father were both dead.

A grandmother who thought she was not pretty enough to make up for her "defaults" supported her. He grandfather just decided that she was useless.

Suddenly she knew that this was the next step in her life. She ran down the stairs in her nightgown, her maid trailing hurriedly behind her. Annabella ran until she stopped in front of her grandparents.

She signed furiously, knowing they had never taken the time to learn exactly how to speak the language of gestures but still trying to get her point across.

He maid started explaining when her grandparents just looked at her blankly. "She says 'I'm leaving in the morning before dawn with a man how came to town today. I'd like to say good bye seeing as I'll never see you again.'" Her maids jaw dropped when she realized what she had repeated.

Annabella had purposefully stated the facts in a way so to shock her grandparents. She wanted to feel wanted just once before she left.

Her grandparents looked up from where they sat on the couch. "Alright, Sweet, be careful." Her grandmother said.

"Yes, Dear, we'll miss you. Good bye." Her grandfather followed.

She then fled back to her room with tears in her eyes. She signed to her maid that she would like to easy gowns and a brush packed for her for the morning.

She then lay in her bed determined to go to sleep. She didn't get to sleep, however, all night.

In the morning Annabella found herself waiting for the tall, dark stranger with a small bag and a notebook and writing utensil.