True Nightmares

By Jamie Day

Chapter 1

Sunshine laughed as she drove down the road. Time always seemed to warp when things like this happened. She was just coming back from her cousin's wedding. It had been perfect just like her own had been.

Of course, there was one little detail that differed. Her groom had never shown up and then she found out three days later that he had gone to Paris with her Maid of Honor. Paris was where they were going to have their honeymoon.

As she remembered the past her foot got a little heavier on the gas pedal. As a nineteen year old life alone and hurt was definitely hard.

The son of a gun even had the nerve to call her up a few weeks later and try to explain why he wouldn't marry her. Amazing, isn't it?

She looked at the rear-view mirror to see if she could get around a few cars. That's when she heard the sirens. It was too late. They were coming too fast. The out of control driver caught her and as the car rolled her last thought was, God, don't kill me. Let me find love. And then everything went black.

He took a deep breath of the freshest air he had breathed since he had been put in jail for killing 3 young women. His lawyer had cut a deal with the judge. He'd been in jail since he was 18.

He was out. At least, he was out until he killed someone else. He remembered how the last one felt. Razor thought back on it now. She had been so willing. She was the come hither type. Always thinking one thing. Sex. One night when they were getting ready for bed he walked up to her. He started by kissing her then he pushed her back on the bed as his hands crept slowly up to her soft throat.

She never suspected a thing. He applied pressure and watched as she started to struggle eyes wide.

He shook his head and walked into the bank. He had ditched the press a while back. He was a criminal in every way and he wanted more money.

Whoever was here was here. He didn't care. No one would even say a word in time. He was going to Mexico.

He held the gun to his side as he waited in line for the counter. He sighed. Maybe he should just shoot someone for fun. He was still contemplating the idea when someone shouted. "Oh, my God. He had a gun."

"Shit." He said. He grabbed the first person he could who just happened to be the young girl waiting in front of him in line. She squeaked obviously surprised.

"Nobody move or I'll shoot her." He said while raising his gun to her head. She stood there looking around. Probably asking why it had to be her. He thought. He forgot about the money. He still had 2 million hidden away in his house. He walked out the door still holding the woman tightly to his chest. He opened the door of his car and pushed her in. Once she was in he buckled her up, leaning over her. He has a very masculine scent. She thought. Wait, I shouldn't even be noticing that kind of thing. Especially since he just KIDNAPPED me!

He climbed in on the other side and took off while doing up his seat belt. She wasn't afraid of him. She knew who he was. His name was Razor Anthony Jones. She also knew he was supposed to be dangerous.

"What is your name and how old are you?" He finally asked, breaking the silence.

"My name is Sunshine and I'm 19." She stated plainly. He noted that she wasn't scared. "I know your name but how old are you?" She asked in turn.

"I'm 21 and counting." He said with dry humor clearly in his voice. He was amused with her and how she didn't even seem to be frightened of him. She smiled just a bit.

"I don't get it. What were you doing robbing a bank? I thought you just killed women." She said, sounding genuinely confused and a small tremor in her voice told him that she wasn't nearly as calm as she could want him to think.

"I didn't want to use the money I have hidden away but now I have no choice. We're going to have to stop by my house." He said matter-of-factly, the tremor in her voice did not escape him.

"No problem. Where are you taking me?" She asked as he drove, turning down various roads.

"You're my safe ticket to Mexico, babe. So I guess you're just going to have to come down there with me." He said looking straight ahead.

"This is perfect. I was just going to run away from my parents anyway." She said excitedly.

"I thought you said you were 19." He said.

"I am, but when I moved out my mom moved in…with me." She said. "This is so great."

He looked at her. She reached over and turned the radio station on to rock and turned it up.

This might not be so bad. She even liked his kind of music. He laughed softly as he watched her bang her head before she stood up in his topless car and yell, "I'm finally free!"

His smile vanished. She didn't seem to understand what kind of trouble he had just brought her into. It was not safe for anyone to be with him, especially women.

"Don't you understand what had just happened?" He asked her abruptly.

"Of course I do. You just helped me get away from somewhere I didn't want to be!" She replied cheerfully.

"You obviously don't know what has occurred." He said dangerously. She could swear she heard a growl from somewhere deep in his throat. She pointedly ignored him.

"You know, I might stay down there with you." She said thoughtfully.

"If you live that long." He said softly. Something in his voice gave her pause. She looked up at him questioningly before she stated her opinion.

"I don't think you'll hurt me. I have a feeling about you. You're really a good person. It's just that no one sees that, not even yourself. I admire many things that I see in you. I don't think you could hurt me." She said in complete confidence.

She watched as he pulled the car over to the side of the deserted old dirt road. "Get out." He said from between clenched teeth. She obeyed. He led her to an area in the trees that hid everything from view of surrounding areas. "If I want to hurt you then I'll hurt you." He said vehemently as he raised his gun.

She was frightened. She lifted her chin. He won't hurt me. She thought. He cocked the gun. Oh, God. She panicked. The she realized she was going to die looking petrified. She closed her eyes and tried to make her face look emotionless.