By Jamie Day

Chapter 1

As Jamie walked down the hall laughing with her friends she sensed another set of eyes on her. She looked around but didn't see anyone. She dismissed it quickly. There was a home game tonight and she was one of the cheerleader's so it could be any number of people.

"Are you girls ready?" She heard the head cheerleader yelling. The answers all ranged from 'yes' to 'yeah' or 'sure'. She herself didn't respond. She couldn't shake the feeling that someone was watching her intently.

She went out with the rest of the squad. She did what she was supposed to do as far as kicks and smiling goes. However, the whole time she couldn't help but look around trying to figure out who in the cheering crowd would give her such a feeling by just staring at her.

As they went through their halftime routine she noticed that her eyes would occasionally dart from one side of the stadium to the other. At the end of their act she finally found out who it was. It was a boy, slightly older than her, dark hair, muscular build, and tall. She couldn't tell his eye color from her area but she was none the less mesmerized.

One of her friends walked up. "Don't even think about it, Babs." She said bluntly. "He's like the head Goth in school. No one wants to mess with him. He's too creepy. Definitely not our type."

"Oh, hush, Nicole. I was just looking." Jamie playfully swatted her friend's arm while smiling. As they walked toward the exit she couldn't get the sight of that guy out of her head. She looked back toward him. He was still unashamedly watching her. Then her friend ushered her through the doors and she couldn't see him any more.

"Who was he? What was his name? What's he like? Have you ever met him?" She didn't know how many questions she asked. It seemed like a million and yet felt like so few.

"Girl, you really did just move here, didn't you?" Nicole responded. "His name is Eric and you should stay far away from him. The truth is he is a major bad boy and it wouldn't look right for any cheerleader to go out with him."

Nicole made him sound like he wasn't good enough for her just because she was a cheerleader. "Oh, I don't know. He didn't seem so bad." She said and then as if in after thought added, "and he's not to bad to look at either."

"Don't even continue those thoughts. They'll get you in trouble with the squad, Jamie. I mean it. We just don't talk to their kind." Nicole explained in a haughty tone. Then as the rest of the squad joined up she added in a fake-sounding cherry voice. "Just forget it, Babs."

Jamie didn't have any time to respond. When she would've said something she was cut short by the bustle of the other cheerleaders who were whooping and yelling. They were all celebrating their very first public routine.

However, no matter how hard she tried, Jamie couldn't seem to erase the sight of that extremely handsome mystery boy named Eric.