Chapter 4

Eric almost smiled to himself as he went to the class he was supposed to be in. She had actually agreed with him, even though he knew how important her friends were to her. He could also tell that a lot of it wasn't really her friends. It was just that she was afraid to be alone and her parents had always told her the way she should be.

Trixy was such an interesting person. He knew she cared for her friends but she was turned toward him now. Her mind was in a muddle and all she knew was that she felt drawn to him.

He could read her mind. He could read anyone's mind but hers was so much easier. She was vulnerable. All she knew was some invisible force drew her to him. This time he did not supply that force.

He smiled as he walked into the class he had, his black hair falling into his eyes, a devilish look on his face.

Later he sat and waited for her after school in the Fountain Shoppe like she had suggested. It was already a half hour after school when the Shoppe was only a ten minute walk away and an even shorter drive.

Maybe she decided not to come, he thought. As soon as he thought it the door opened and Trixy walked in. She looked around quietly and he stood up and waited for her to make her way over to the table. When she did he moved around the table to pull out and push in her chair for her. The elderly manager smiled widely to see the young gentleman.

When he moved to his side of the table to take a seat he asked, "What took you so long? I found I missed your company."

She smiled. "My friends." She answered quietly.

"Oh." He said. He looked in her mind and saw that she had told them where she was going and why and they ridiculed her for it.

He now realized that it would take longer than he thought to work past her barriers.


Sorry so short ya'll. I gots me a bit of a writers block…still drudging through it… I liked this chappy though.