Whispers In The Dark

By Jamie Day

Chapter 1

Celeste watched as the boat she was on approached the island. She had heard so many tales about it that she wasn't quite sure about what pulled her to the island.

All of the stories were about a dark man who only came out at night. He was mysterious, dangerous, and sexy. However, there was a catch to this seemingly "movie-star" man. He killed someone every time he came out of hiding. The reason she had thought about not moving to the islands was because she had bought his old house. Which was more like a mansion to tell the truth.

Because there had been no recent deaths they believed he was dead. To contradict this story, no one has found the body as of yet. And yet still she felt this was the only place she could run to. She did all this to get away from her past demons. No one knew what this guy's name was but she felt drawn to him. Even though she'd never seen him or heard of him before thinking of moving to the islands she believed he was innocent of the things he was being accused of.

She only noticed they had docked by the slight push and pull feelings. She had been staring off into space but now she was harshly pulled back to reality. She gathered her things, what little she had taken with her, and waited for the small line of locals in front of her to get of the boat first.

She looked around the boat before stepping down the ramp and onto the pier. The moment she stood on the shore a nauseous dizzy feeling swamped her. She fell to her knees and held onto her head. What the hell is happening? She couldn't move at all.

When she thought she would burst from the pain now swimming inside she felt hands. Confidant and strong hands. First they caressed her cheek and then she felt as if someone had taken her into his arms. It was definitely a he. No doubt about it. Fingers ran through her hair and she could swear someone was breathing next to her ear.

Even as she thought it she scolded herself. She knew before she looked up what she would see. Nothing! She would see nothing. This used to happen before when she would have her little "accidents: as her ex-husband would say. She told her shrink about it and he said it was nothing and she shouldn't worry.

She was brought back to the present when she felt something soft and gentle move across her lips once before everything left her. She had been kissed. That had certainly never happened before.

She stood and picked up her bags, seeing that no one had noticed, or so she thought. From the forest to her right side Jaren sighed and moved back into the shadows. Don't worry. He thought. We'll be together soon. He sighed wearily again. Then we'll both have to face the truths that haunt us. But we'll be together while we do it.