I see you there.
I see you standing there,
Holding her tightly,
Afraid to ever let her go.

You see me standing here,
Looking out from behind this hidden mask,
Through eyes gone dull from never ending sorrow.

My soul hidden,
Veiled by false joy,
As I defy myself by releasing that one, painful smile.

What do I hope for?
A kiss, vows of undying love?
Or a sympathetic smile and a gaze filled with pity.

She is your everything,
Love is wrapped so firmly around you both,
Blinding you to all else.

I see you standing there,
Staring into her gorgeous eyes,
Embraced by a happiness so pure.

Your besotted grin, her beautiful laugh,
Warming my empty life,
Freezing my aching heart.

And I smile for you,
As I am plunged into darkness.