Day One.

Dear Diary, Today I noticed that I dropped a couple of pounds!!! Woohoo!!! 2 down and only 99 million to go. Man I wish I wasn't such a cow. Anyway, blabbing about it won't solve anything. Well down to the real news. Shawna and Mary have become a duet, and Kalie and Melanie always were one. I feel like every where I go I have become the trycicle. You know, the third wheel. I tried talking to Shawna about it, but it didn't solve anything, instead she just went running to Mary and told her everythong, so knoe I can't tell Shawna anything cuz I don't know what she will do.
Lets see, what else happened. Oh! I saw another one of those romance movies I love so much, and it just made me hate reality even more. So I came home and just became a sloth, doing nothing but watch tv and dread havong to go to work. I know that this might sound pathetic, but I cannot wait until school starts again, I miss all of my friends who don't treat me like a tripod, although they all live far away, so I don't get to see them.
I talked to HIM today. You know the one I mean, tall dark and so outta my league. Like 2000 leagues outta my league. He mentioned that he and his girfriend *sigh* headed out to a party last night and then talked about it for a while. I smilled even though I wasn't invited to this party. I wish that I would for once get the guy. To bad that all guys are shallow and that i am an ugly fat cow.
What else happened, well, I start my vocal lessons again, and I am so totally happy about it. Singing is probably the only talent I have, and my teacher, who is cousins with Madonna (jk) is a great instructor, and knows where to go to be discovered. Too ba that music scouts are shallow and only tall thin girls ever become singers, regardless if they have talent or not (ie Brittany Spears). Why is it that guys can be as big as a house and become famous, but the second a girl is over 120lb she is shunned? I hate reality.
Anyway, I gtg, I guess I should get back to my boring suck ass life. Even though staying in my lttle fantasy world is so much better.
Until tomorrow, yours annoyed.