My heart thumps as I see you,
Walking towards me, out of the blue.
Glancing briefly, our eyes meet.
I find it hard to move my feet.

It doesn't last,
You are past,
And I move on.

You speak to me, suddenly,
And I cannot answer.
When you are standing near,
I cast my glances in fear
That you might see
The love I have for thee.

My heart pounds in my chest,
And I hold my breath
When you smile at me
For I feel that you can see
All I hold inside of me.

We danced a dance so long ago.
But it felt like it was so
Meant to be,
Just you and me.

I felt that joy we made together,
I wanted to hold the moment forever.
Yet it ended, so did the dream,
Ripped and tattered at the seams.

Still we walk the halls by day,
Lover strangers with nothing to say.
My heart still yearns to hear yours,
As it will forevermore.

A smile here, a glimpse there,
For you, my heart will always care.
Though in the shadows I'll always be,
My eyes reveal my love for thee.