My Hidden Life

Based on a True Story

By writerforever

It's not the final destination

It's the journey on the way

I can feel these times are changing

But I want to be free to find where I belong

I want to be free to find my way

I know at times I acted a little crazy

And I made mistakes along the way

But I can see that I'm changing

And finally I'm free to find where I belong

Cast of Characters

Marcus Johansson - The main character of the story who is a young boy entering his teenage years. Marcus finds it hard to accept his adulthood and longs to be 'young' again.

Jordan Hall - A young boy who starts out as Marcus' best friend but the two seem to part as time goes on.

Timothy (the III) Lee - The little cousin of Marcus, he adores Marcus but Marcus has hard time of accepting him but in time the two become very good friends, despite their age differences.

Christopher (Chris) Sparks - Chris is a very troubled little boy and he is never the same when his parents divorce. It is to Marcus to who he turns to for friendship.

Dan Johansson - Dan is Marcus' little cousin who comes from a broken home. At times Dan can be quite humorous but most of the time he looks at life with a deep sadness.

Aunt Patricia (Patty) Leans - Marcus and his Aunt Patty are very close and she is always there to offer good advice and encouragement whenever Marcus is in a difficult situation.

Ms. Martha Hubert - The only teacher/principal of the 'prison' private school where Marcus and a few of his friends are sent. Ms. Martha turns out to be an angry and cruel woman. Marcus and his friends must escape the walls of the 'prison' school when all else fails.

Miranda Burton - Miranda first 'meets' Marcus by e-mail and the two become pen pals. Marcus admires Miranda very much and considers her his best friend. In the years to come Miranda would prove to be the only one Marcus could turn too.

Mr. and Mrs. Johansson - Being the parents of Marcus isn't always easy. They worry about their son quite often because of his peculiar nature.

Summary - 'My Hidden Life' is the true story of a young boy, Marcus, who is entering his teenage years and of the people and obstacles who change his life forever.

Marcus Johansson is a tall shy young boy and he finds it hard to live in the world in which he has been placed. When he starts to enter puberty everything is turned upside and what lies ahead is sometimes sad/comical/depressing.

The story follows Marcus as he is sent to a private school that turns out to be almost like a prison camp, it follows him as he makes new friends, as he is betrayed by a best friend, as he accepts his gift that God has given in touching the lives of little kids, as he has his first crush, and many other things. This is the story of an ordinary boy whose life was suddenly turned upside down by certain and strange events. Based on the life of writerforever, 'My Hidden Life' shows that things only change when you let them.

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