The smell of burnt ozone crept out from behind as a thrill of anticipation raged through me. Sweaty palms clasped tightly into white- knuckled fists as I took off running and leapt straight for the edge of the high rise building in a suicidal dive. Wind shrieked through my hair as the sky shrank away and gravity grabbed me in its own fist and held tight.

Distant cars soon grew larger. Steel gray rivers became bustling streets. I nearly threw up when I flipped over and found my arms flapping uncomfortably over my face. The screaming didn't stop. I'd screamed when I jumped. I screamed when I flipped. I screamed all the way down.

It all happened so fast, I didn't get more than a few seconds to focus on the insanity of it. My life didn't flash before my eyes. Only the cold realization that I was about to die. And there it was. I could feel the heat coming off the asphalt that would crush me.


The firefighters' trampoline caught me after all. I flipped through the air and landed on another skillfully placed trampoline. A radio squawked, and a huge crowd of people sighed with relief.

I guess it wasn't a suicidal dive after all.