Around me there is a deafening silence
And a murderous chill.
I see my breath when I exhale
Into the dark.

The only light is the radiance of the most
Beautiful boy I've ever seen.
With his long, curly blonde hair and hazel
Eyes, he beckons me forward.

I take an unsteady step forward, but stop abruptly.
There's something imprisoning me.
The boy looks at me with a sinister smile on his rosy lips.
He knows I can't reach him.

Still, I try again with no avail. An invisible rope is
around my waist and I can't proceed.
I reach out for him, but my arms fall short.
I give up; the boy is unobtainable.

With my spirit dead, my heart broken,
and my head hung low,
I look up to see him one last time before I leave.
I see him reaching out for me.
Alas, I am unobtainable too.