Author's Note: This is a new story I am trying out and I hope you enjoy it very much. It's pretty

different from normal stories, lol. Well, enjoy reading.

Chapter One: Samantha to Sam


I could have sworn that the first idea that ever popped into my mind was. "I'm a

freaking girl. Yes!" Maybe without the freaking though. Then at the slow age of four my girl

life was shattered. Shattered into a hundred pieces. For I could no longer be a girl. You're

probably thinking, " Wha-?" But hold on for just a minute. See, a long time ago my parents

Elaine and Michael Eagan had a son named Ash. He was their pride and joy. They took him to

all of the best boarding schools and lathered him in delightful gifts. Ash was very unhappy

though and he hated his parents. They never listened to him and well . . . he hated it. So one day

he ran away. Elaine, my mother, was devastated. She would sit up crying all night and she

became terribly sick for some time. Now, while a normal family would call the police and order

them to find their boy, the Eagan family did not. The Eagan's are and forever will be a terribly

wealthy family and they hate attention. So if any of the news leaked out that their son was

missing . . . well . . . the news would be all over the place. And the Eagans do not like attention.

Back to me and my horrifying girl . . . er . . . troubles. When I had turned the ripe age of

four . . . five years after Ash had left, my father approached me on a rainy night. Mother had

been up crying a river in her room all night. I had never known why my mother was crying

always or way she loathed me so much, until that night.

My father was tired and weary of mother's crying and so he came up with a smart (if that

is what one shall call it) plan that involved me. And that night he approached me with the

greatest caution for he thought he might ruin our relationship of father and daughter by asking

me his question. For there would be no father and daughter no longer and here is why.

I happened to be playing with my dolls in my room when father knocked on my door,

entering. I smiled and he sat me on top of his lap and began to tell me why mother always cried.

She cried for Ash and she cried because I wasn't a boy. This made me sad and I began to resent

mother from that day on. So father told me something peculiar. He told me that there was a way

that mother could love me more and a way for her to stop crying. And of course I was up for

anything because I still loved my mother dearly. Then my father told me what is was that could

make mother happy again and I believed that was the day I stopped breathing. For I literally

couldn't think after what he told me. All of the information was being jammed into my head and

I was only four. And he had just asked me to be a boy . . .

Of course I gave it little consideration and I smiled after a while. Being a boy might be

fun. It would be like playing dress-up. So . . . I agreed. Though I did wonder how he could

make me a boy. Father seemed so spirited after I had answered yes and he smiled so widely that

I thought his face would crack (I had actually grabbed the corner of his lip and tried to pull it

down for his sake).

That was the day everything started. Father took me out clothes shopping and I was

undeniably thrilled to be getting new clothes. Even if they were boy clothes. And I remained

happy and frolicking down the sidewalk in my new clothes, until father told me I had to cut my

hair. My long beautiful golden hair had to be cut! I froze in the middle of a tall skip and fell

over my feet, onto the ground. As father saw the tears swelling in my eyes he pulled out a

leather wallet and a crisp twenty from that wallet. He handed it to me and I stared at it. After

that the only thought in my head was I could buy so much candy with a twenty. Once again I

agreed and I let a barber cut my hair so that it only reached down to my eyes. But I did not

care, for I could buy out a candy store, or so I thought back then.

When he brought me home mother was waiting in the kitchen, drying her tears and

sipping coffee. She was very fond of coffee and she still is. Her head turned slowly as we

entered and she stared at me, her eyes turning glossy and her mouth opening slightly. She was

dumbfounded and father grinned. And this exact conversation started. For I can remember it

well . . .

"Mic-chael . . . what is that?" Elaine stuttered out, nearly choking on her tongue.

Michael's eyes beamed, "I have brought you your son home. Remember . . . Sam was

always a boy?"

Elaine cocked her head and she seemed to be thinking deeply, wondering whether or not

this was true. I waited with an eager breath, not even knowing the difference of my name. Then

Elaine smiled, her bright white teeth filling her pretty, and young face, "Sam! I've been

wondering where you have been. Come to your mother, son." And I ran over to her, jumping up

into her arms, for I had never been so openly accepted by my mother. That one day was turning

out to be the happiest day of my life. It was the day I was changed by my father and accepted by

my mother. The day that Samantha Kairi Eagan was forgotten and Sam Kairi Eagan was

remembered . . .

Sam dropped her pen as she heard her mother yelling her name from downstairs. "Yes

mother!" Sam yelled back, standing up and yanking a shirt over her head.

"You had better be dressed by the time Claira marches up those steps. She wishes to say

farewell before you leave!" Elaine's voice echoed up the stairs.

Sam yelped and she tore her pants off her bed, cramming them on and quickly tying the

school's tie around her neck. The tie bore a silver looking cross near the bottom, the symbol for

Nirvana Boys' Private School. The school was a prestigious and well known school for boys. It

claimed it turned out some of the world's finest men. Sam privately wondered whether they

would turn out the world's best cross-dresser now. She laughed to herself and was tugging on

her shoes when Claira sprung into Sam's room.

"Big brother!" A small, bright, and cheery Claira shouted.

Sam smiled at her and ruffled her hair. "Hey Claira. How's my sweet little sister?"

Claira giggled, her curly golden hair bouncing on her shoulders, "I'm not little! I'm

already six years old!" She ran to Sam and flung her arms around her in a hug. "Why do you

have to leave?"

"Claira, mother's making me go to this school. It's a very excellent all boy's school with

its own dormitories and well . . . it's one of the best sport's schools in the nation." Sam gulped

as she turned away from her sister, "Besides, you'll have fun with Ms. Takeshi."

Claira's lower lip jutted out in a pout, "Sara? She's fine, but I want mommy!"

Sam sighed heavily, "Mother can't be home all of the time sweet Claira."

A loud meow and purr interrupted Sam's comment. Tsugari, the orange tabby house cat,

pawed its way through the door and stared with her wide blue eyes up at Claira. Sam smiled

suddenly, "You'll have Tsugari here with you. So you have nothing to worry about. And

whenever you miss me. Just hug Tsugari and I'll know you're thinking of me and I'll think of

you often too."

Claira grinned and picked up the thin cat who meowed loudly again, "Tsugari is so cute!"

Sam nodded and looked away, watching her reflection in a mirror across the room. Her

reflection in mirrors lately was annoying her. She was seeming more effeminate than ever as she

grew into her fifteen year old body. Her once thin pink lips appeared fuller and more girlish.

And her nose more button like; her green eyes hidden with curled, lengthy lashes; her cheeks

tinted a gorgeous peach; and not to mention her breasts were . . . Sam's arms shot up to her chest

as if to try to assure herself that they hadn't grown anymore under the straps and vest. "Claira, I

need to pack. Can you please leave?" Sam asked distantly.

Claira's eyes watered and she sniffled, "Promise me you'll say bye once more before you


"I promise." Sam said softly and Claira left her room