Flutter by a dark rose of red,
Surrounded by those dancing flames,
Their light sparking from the blue and gold,
Of a butterfly's wings.
Love woven into its thin body of lovers' tears,
Heartstrings set afire by an undying desire.

Rose surrounded by orange flames,
Guarding a blooming heart,
Protecting an honest love.
Flames of love, dancing with passion,
Burning away all doubt and shame,
Enfolding me in a warm embrace.

Don't die out my lovely fire,
Don't return my soul to the dark,
Burn within, erase my sin,
Rid me of ice left by chilling glares.
My love, my flames,
Let me show you the meaning of love.

Let me heal old wounds of lies,
Ease your pain and misery,
Let me show you where true beauty lies,
In those places few will look.
Let me glimpse your heart and soul,
Bonded to mine with gold threads of love.

True love as it is meant to be,
No usage, manipulation, or greed,
Everlasting passion and care,
Undying flames around the rose,
Lovers' secrets never told,
Kindred spirits, bonded souls.