Your sweetness I sense it, your kiss hesitant leaves me defenseless
My strength now weakness as I'm left helpless, knowing you meant it, is
You always made me side step and start to stutter saying something or
When those butterflies fluttered and I tried to mutter my voice melted like
In a short time we spent a lifetime, I asked you to be mine because I owed
myself this
At the time I was lifeless, you were my lifeline; selfless and never
I see you, eyes sea blue with a heart that's see through
Girls want to be you, guys be with you, you said "I love you".well me too
Funny how time changes, moving us into different places; turning friends to
Moved from places we were safest, into different stages; our talks ending
in anger
Like water in glass on top of a ladder; we fell- I shattered you burst,
dispersed, and splattered
Sadder that I once had her, now like this first verse I lie scattered

I can't be fixed but you convalesce like it didn't matter