Through these woods I walk alone

Its midnight and I'm alone
Walking out into the woods with no light
I am guided by not fearing the unknown
For to long I have been afraid of not knowing
This future I am to have, I can't see it
I walk with one solemn purpose
To physically split my body and mind from every fear I've ever known
Darkness, decay, death
There is no path worn in these woods
No easy way out, trust me it was more difficult finding the first step in
I've learn from others mistake more than mine, but I've made my share
There is no turning back now
I promised myself I wouldn't but still left scorched earth behind me to
ensure it
Life is a frontier; every moment is like new uncharted territory
These woods are like that
Brown dead leaves at my feet
Green leaves signifying fertility above my head
And each step I take, brings the two closer together
I'm not afraid of perhaps looking through the flames I've set
For I have no regrets
I've paid my debts and walk alone, assured, and independent
It's so dark here, alone in these woods
Not even the moon is looking out for me
The stars have been clouded but my intentions remain steadfast
Rumors of an ancient burial ground lie somewhere ahead of me
I hear what seems to be human voices and know there shouldn't be
But this is what I came here for
You know of my intention but of my motivation you know nothing
And you never will

I will not be afraid of anything any longer