I want to be a child again,
Go back to a place where a hurt a kiss would mend,
Swing upon a tire swing,
Listen to my Mother sing,
Believing in whatever I please,
Knowing the moon was made of green cheese,
If only I could be young once more.

I want to go back to where dreams were real,
Where sorrow is something I would never feel,
A time when imagination overpowered reality,
Where I wasn't touched by humanity's brutality,
A time when my lost balloon became a star,
And my soul sins could never scar,
How I long to be a kid again.

I long to bask in a child's ignorant bliss,
If only I could relive the memories I miss,
Swinging on a rope tied to a tree,
Love and joy surrounding me,
Loving everything I could see,
Never dreaming my dreams may never be,
Thinking being young would forever last,
But alas, I look back and see all of it as memories of the past,
I want, I long to be young again.

I grew up too fast, leaving the child behind,
To the joys of childhood I am now blind,
Scared and burned by the real world,
My young ignorance unfurled,
Time to grow up and leave playfulness in the dust,
Everyone says I have to, I must,
Inside a little girl does cry,
Why did my childhood have to die?