Learn to learn
by: trista groulx

You can't know what you've never learned
You can't learn what you're never taught
How can we fault these people for what they think
When they know nothing else?
They know what they have been taught
They know what the have learned
They nothing more, they know nothing less
You can't learn what you're not taught
You can't know what you haven't learned
Why do you fault these people?
Fault their teachers, their teachers teachers
Why blame the victims of injustice?
Blame the people who choose the lessons

a/n this is a quasi-companion peice to the educated, it has come to my attention some background is need to understand. i have had arguments with two right wingers that ppl in the mid-east are not people because of the way they think, such as they steal things, they believe in the jhad, and they don't question the (scewed) teachings of the koran (i've read the koran and think it's fasinating) this is a response to people who feel simlar about the people of the mid-east, to say they only know what they've been taught, and not to blame the victims of the people who choose the lessons, i am not getting at westernising the ppl, just learning more