Soft as a summer night's breeze and

Sparkling like the stars in the sky,
Filled with compassion,
Filled with love.
Brilliant as the slow blooming of a rose,
Bright as rainbows seen through drops of falling rain,
Filling me with a peace of watching colors of the sun spill across ocean
Giving me that happiness of snowflakes on my nose.
I gaze back and melt, a snowman I seem to be
As all my troubles flow away in rivers of black, blue, and gray.
I can fly above the floating clouds,
Above the moon and the stars,
As long as I glance back and see
Soft brown eyes looking back at me.
No more will I despair,
No more will loneliness burn away my soul.
I fall into those eyes, let myself drown in the sea of love,
Feel compassion's fire burn me,
I feel no pain, only arms embracing me.
I've lost myself in eyes fixed upon my heart and soul,
Lost myself in the way you look at me..