(24-Hour Delirium)

My temperature's rising
Disorganized thinking,
Increased confusion,
The real world's sinking.
What's going on?
Is it something serious?
Diagnosis says I'm delirious

Fevered dreams
I'm seeing things
Unknown beings attacking me.
Dizzy thoughts,
I'm hallucinating,
Reality is fading from me.

Short term case of delirium
To the darkness I succumb.
Can't sleep now
Paranoid, frowning
Nighttime nightmares,

Waking up screaming,
Waking up in a sweat.
Short of breath
From an invisible threat.
Believing it's really there,
But my anxious mind is wrong.
Delusions here to stay
Until the fever is gone.

This poem is based on when I got real sick and had an extremely bad fever a
few years ago. Man, I had some freaky fever dreams, and even after I woke
up and opened my eyes I still saw the freaky things from my dreams flying
at me. Not good times, but at least I got a poem out of it. Anyway, I
just wanted to let those of you who didn't know "Sundowning" is a term
that's used for patients of delirium who become more confused, agitated, or
psychotic at night. Um, that's it!