Chapter 1 Prep for Launch

God damnit, go to sleep. Get the sleep while you still can.
I looked around in the darkness of my eyelid. I looked straight ahead, into the depths of the black. My eyes focused in and out. Eventually little specs of light began swirling around me, kind of like I was flying through space past stars.
Woo, pretty stars.
"Eric wake up, time to get ready," Andrew said, tapping me on my forehead.
I sighed, and ran my hand through my lengthening hair. Then my eyelids turned red and orange, as light was turned on. I opened my eyes, and found Andrew turning more lights in my apartment.
"Damnit, I didn't get any sleep at all," I announced.
"Well you shouldn't of drank that 1.5 liter bottle of Coke before sleeping," Andrew replied, rubbing crust of his ever color changing eyes.
"I can't help it, it relaxes me, plus it gives me interesting dreams," I said innocently, then getting up from my fuzzy, and very soft couch, to stretch and yawn. "Is Vito and Jesse up yet?"
"No, I just woke you up. You can go wake them up if you want," he said as he walked into the kitchen. "I'm making coffee, do you want some?"
"No, just pour some Coke in a cup for me thanks," I replied.
I took another stretch, while looking around the room. Jesse, with his long Beatles hair cut hanging over his face, and hugging a throw pillow, was crashing on my love seat couch, while Vito was sleeping on the floor under him. Then I looked at the reclining chair that Andrew's ass print was still in. Ok, time to wake you guys up.
I took a step over to Vito, and began kicking him lightly on the head. He shuffled, and waved his arms uselessly.
"Stop it," he whined.
"Time to get up, come on," I urged him, kicking him some more. "We have a score to settle."
He sighed, and sat up, stretching. "Is anyone making coffee?"
"Yeah Andrew's already making it."
"Damn I wanted to make coffee."
"Come on up you go," we grabbed on to each other's wrist, and I pulled him up. "You can make us breakfast. or at this time dinner if you want to."

"Yeah sure I guess so. What do you want?"
"I don't know, I have to go food shopping," I replied, then nonchalantly sitting on top of Jesse, and lying on top of him.
Jesse began to squirm and squeal underneath me. "Get off," his voice cracked.
"Wake up sleepy head," I put my face in his hair, and began breathing on his ear.
He yelped, "Eric stop, you have a girlfriend."
"Touché," I replied, then began thinking about Alyssa. Hey I should go wake her up. "Yeah come on Jesse, we got to get ready if we're going to get this done right," I said as I got off of him.
"Eric, go wake up Alyssa, both of them, and Julia" Andrew yelled from the kitchen.
"Yes Master, I was about to do that," I replied. I reverted attention back to Vito, "Yeah so are you going to make us food now while I go get your sister?"
"Yeah sure I guess so."
"Wait, Shannon's not coming with us on this one?" Jesse asked.
"She never comes on any of our operations. Hello, fear of death thing."
With that, they went into the kitchen to get dinner set before we left. I opened, and went out the front door, and walked across the hall, then opened the door to the Alysser's apartment. They were all still sleeping in the living room. I slowly crept over to Alysser, Vito's sister, then grabbed at the side of her stomach while yelling like a crazed native.

"Ah shit Eric!" Alysser yelled.
I laughed, "Come on, rise and shine, tis the night."
"God damnit Eric, I was actually having a nice nap," Alyssa said annoyed.
I walked over to her, and gave her a kiss, "I'm sorry."
"Come on, let's go," Julia said energetically, hopping out of her seat, fists clenched.
"Ok, come on, Vito's making food, then we get ready and go," I said. I looked at Alysser, who fell back asleep, "Damnit Alysser, wake up," I nudged her.
"Eric," she growled at me, "I'll be over in 5 minutes. Make me my coffee, you know how with."
"Yes I know, milk and 2 sugars."
So Julia, Alyssa, and I walked back into my apartment, and into the kitchen where Vito was beginning to make pancakes. Wow, pancakes and coffee for dinner. We went into the kitchen, where we all crowded at my little dining table. I only had 3 seats, since I never expect to have company over my apartment. So Andrew just sat on the counter, watching the coffee drip, Vito made us pancakes, Jesse leaned against the wall, Alyssa sat on top of me, and Julia took one of the empty seats, staring blankly into space, with her piercing blue eyes. Everyone was dead silent, since we are all not morning people.
"Yeah so everyone knows what to do right?" I asked to be sure.
"Yes Eric," Andrew answered for everyone. "And coffee's done."
Andrew took out some cups from my cupboard, and began pouring a cup for everyone. Alyssa got off of me, and I went to the refrigerator to get milk, half and half, and a bottle of Coke for me. Then Andrew and I made coffee for everyone, just in time, when Alysser walked in.
"Shmanks," she said to me, as she just took the coffee out of my hand. It happened so fast and randomly that I just stood there for a couple of seconds trying to figure out what happened with other people's coffee in my hand.
I passed out coffee for Jesse and Alyssa, and we all just gulped it down. We really needed the caffeine. Then Vito passed out a round of pancakes, which we also ravenously ate. Since we've been around each other so long, manners don't really take affect at all anymore besides making you look stupid.
"Ok everyone done?" I asked, as I collected the syrupy plates and rinsed them in water in the sink. Everyone acknowledged someway or another. "Ok, let's get ready to kill a president."
I opened up the cupboard underneath the sink, and took the top off a pot, which had a number pad, and fingerprint identification lock on it. I stuck my thumb on it, the light went green, then I typed in my password. Then I heard the pressure seal unlock with a hiss, then I lifted the pot up, which was actually bolted to the bottom of the cabinet, and opened up the trap door. I crawled into the cupboard, and went down the hidden ladder, followed by everyone else.
We went about 50 feet down until we reached my hidden bunker. We arrived in the main room, with an automatically firing M240 that I rigged up pointing straight at our faces. The main room housed my security system, and my weapons. There were around 8 doors that lead to small rooms that were basically aimless and dead ends, but could be used to house supplies and or hostages of my choosing.
"Yeah, go get your guns and armor, and prep up," Andrew said.
"Oh, and remember that it must be concealable, so choose wisely," I added.
I went over to the wall, and took down the L96 Arctic Warfare sniper rifle off the wall. Then I kneeled down and opened up the cabinet, and took out a guitar case. I dismantled my prized gun, and put it neatly in the guitar case along with several magazines, then placed a false covering over it, and on top, a fake plastic guitar, that just looked real, and had real strings, but it doesn't work. I zipped that up and put it aside. Then I took an empty MP5k, stuck it into my jeans, and tied the strap for it on my belt. I took 2 magazines and put one into each shoe, moving it for comfort. I took off my shirt then, and put on a Kevlar vest, and then put my plain black shirt back on over it. Then I took a Glock 18 and taped it on my back with duct tape, and help from Alyssa.
"Ok everybody ready?" I asked.
"No wait, we don't go as fast as you do," Alysser replied.
"No Vito, bad, you cannot bring a bloody M60 with you, it's not concealable," I said.
"Well you know what, better safe than sorry," he replied pompously.
"You know what? Keep it in the car, which reminds me, who's staying back for our get away?"
"Not its," rang across the room started by Andrew.
"Fuck," Jesse said.
"Ha, I guess you have to stay behind on this one," I said, shrugging.
"Ok, is everybody ready now?" Andrew asked, stringing his bass case over him.
"Andrew what do you have in that?" I asked.
"Assault rifle," he answered.
"I know, what kind?"
"M4? With a grenade launcher."

"M4/203 ok, good, we might just need a grenade launcher."

"Come on guys let's go!" Julia pushed us, as she sheathed her katana on her back.
"Oh yeah, I should bring mine too, but I shant," I said to her.
"Someone's getting a little antsy with her trigger finger," Andrew said.
"Yeah, you're already bringing with you so damn much already," Alyssa added. "How do you expect to take the gun out of your pants fast enough to shoot with it?"
"I don't know," I answered slowly, "when the time comes I'll see."
"Ok, I'm ready," Alysser said, spinning in place around at us.
"What time is it?" Jesse asked.
I looked at my watch and replied, "8 o'clock. We're on schedule. It only takes like 5 minutes to drive to the Republican Convention from here."
"Hey, Eric, what about traffic?" Andrew said.
I was dumfounded. Damnit, I forgot to add that in. "Crap, ok, wait let me think this through now."
"You do know it'll probably be so much longer since they probably closed off some of the roads for the protestors," Julia added.
"Damnit! Ok, so do you guys just want to walk a couple blocks?" I asked.
"Fine come on, if we go now we can get some ice cream along the way," Andrew said.