Chapter 3 Leaving

Andrew, Vito, and Jesse met up with us on the convention floor.
"Look who I have here," I shoved the Queen to Andrew.
"Good for you, we can extract information from him later, but for now we have to get out," he replied.
Andrew led the way out of the main sports arena area, to Penn Station. We were followed closely behind by SWAT teams. We ran down to Penn Station, where all the trains were at a halt, to keep us from leaving this way. But luckily we had explosives. We went into one of the trains for our specific tunnel, and went all the way to the end, as glass exploded at us from the SWAT teams. We went to the last car, when Andrew fired his M203 grenade launcher underneath the M4, to blast us a get away hole. We hopped out of the train, and on to the tracks.
We went into a full out sprint down the long dark tunnel. Then I heard snaps in the air as bullets flew over our heads. I turned, and returned fire. I finished up the last clip I had for my MP5k, and took out my sniper rifle. I ran some more down the tunnel, turned around, and quickly took out the 6 man team's knee caps so they couldn't chase us. It was stupid to kill a perfectly good soldier type, when they are just following orders, and not on full hatred and blood lust.
"We're clear," I yelled to them. They were already way down the tunnel.
"Good for you," Alysser yelled back, giving me a thumbs up.
I ran, and rejoined them. Then we turned a corner into a little alleyway in the subway, and went into a ventilation duct. Jesse was now pushing the Queen along for me. He also very smartly some where along the line, put a bag over his head so he couldn't see where we're going. We went straight for quite a long time, until we reached the end, and I forced myself up to the front. I felt along the end wall for the entrance code panel, which I then turned on. The dim lights of the key pad practically blinded me since I was so used to being in the pitch black darkness. I did the finger print scan, and punched in the code. I heard the contraption bleep in acknowledgment of the correct password, and I pushed the wall, revealing one of the rooms in my secret underground lair. Everyone came out, stretching their back, and got rid of all our gear.
"Well we did it," I started.
"That was a very good job on all our parts," Jesse added.
"Yeah, we kicked ass," Vito said enthusiastically.
"I must admit, that we did do well. We were quick, in and out 20 minutes, not even," Andrew said.
"Hey I got to shoot my gun!" Julia said excitedly.
"Yey!" Alysser replied with her excitedly.
"That was actually a lot of fun, we should go kill Bush more often," Alyssa added.
"Well now that we killed the pawn that was annoyingly in our way," I began.
Andrew finished my sentence with, "and a bishop and a knight."
"And now we have the Queen," Alyssa added.
"I shall have fun extracting information from it," I smiled evilly.
We all unpacked, and left to go back upstairs. Before that, Andrew and I brought our new hostage into one of the rooms.
"Yeah Vito go start up a pot of coffee," Andrew ordered.
"Yeah, so I think we have to strip him down naked just to be sure he's not bugged and stuff," I said eagerly.
"You do that," I folded his arms.
And I did. I took off all his clothes and underwear. Then I duct taped him to a chair very securely.
"Ok, now tell me, where is the location of your head quarters," I began to interrogate while Andrew watched.
The Queen didn't talk.
"You know what, if you're not going to talk, I'll just shoot you. You're just showing me you are not purpose for me to keep," I said.
"You don't have the balls," he replied harshly. I took out the pistol from my pocket and shot him in the leg again. He let out a cry in pain. "Fuck you, I'm not telling you anything, besides my superiors would put me in an even worse fate than you."
"Oh I think I can handle your superiors fine enough, especially with my Master here."
Andrew just leaned against the wall and watched. It was probably very entertaining for him to watch me try so hard.
"You have no idea what they are capable of," the Queen replied.
"Yes I do, trust me, I have my ways. Years of research, about 16 years of it, and a little war helped me gain some experience on this subject."
"Be that as it may, I am still not telling you shit."
"Ok you know what fine, I'll just cut off your penis." I looked up at Andrew, "Can you get me my katana please?"
"Yeah hold on." He left the room and brought me my katana.
I put the broad side of the blade to his neck. "Feel this cold steel on your neck? Well it's going to be on your penis quite soon."
"I am still not telling you anything. My superiors will find and kill you and your lot."
"You are a funny funny man." I touched the tip of his penis with the blade, took a couple of practice swings, and swiftly cut off the head. He screamed in pain, and tried to keel over, but was taped too securely to the floor. "Do you want to talk now?"
He just kept yelling and cursing at me. Blood was gushing out from the amputation.
"Fine, we'll just talk tomorrow." We turned around and left the room, leaving the Queen in the dark, naked, and bleeding from his penis. I slammed the door behind us, and then went up to the security consul. "Lock up," I said to myself, pushed a series of buttons as standard security protocol went online. After that Andrew and I climbed up the ladder to the kitchen, and into the living room where everyone was crowding around the TV.
"Holy shit, everything is a bloody mess out there," Alysser said.
"They closed down Manhattan, and they're thinking about issuing martial law until they find the killer," Jesse added.
"Well we did kinda just killed the president, and the Bishop, Knight, and captured the Queen," Andrew replied.
"And we did a bloody jolly good job too," I added in an English accent, as I crashed on to my reclining chair, on top of Alyssa. We all just sat there quietly and watched. In the last hour, there have been about 100 police raids into suspected anti-Bush extremists. I shook my head, "Well this is the shadow government at work."
"Yeah I think they might be a little pissed," Julia added.