Standing in the water,
the waves are crashing in.
I'm waiting for a noise,
to tell me to begin.

To begin my search
for meaning and love,
for angels sent
from heaven above.

I stand there waiting,
wind in my ears,
no one is listening.
I taste salty tears.

I'm all alone,
it seems no one can care.
Out further I go,
it too hard to bare.

I close my eyes
and make a wish,
for a perfect lover,
for eternal bliss.

I feel a hand
upon my waist.
Salty tears,
I cannot taste.

A ray of hope,
runs through my heart,
no one's there
I fall apart.

Walking deeper,
and farther yet,
my legs are cold
my face is wet.

I hear your voice,
my name you call.
I turn to see
but then I fall.

The waves are rough,
I can barely stand,
a bit of warmth,
you grab my hand.

"I'm here now
no need to fret.
Lets go home
we're all wet"

The water calms,
the wind dies down,
when you're with me,
I cannot frown.

You hold me close,
my head on your chest.
Of all my friends,
you know me best.

We walk away,
hand in hand.
I am so thankful
you understand.

You treat me well
I told you so,
you'd never leave me,
you'd never go.

I look at you
with love in my eyes,
"I'm sorry for hurting you,
I didn't realize..."

I look away,
you touch my chin
"Why? Being in love
is not a sin!"

"Why did you leave?
Why did you run?"
"I thought no one cared
but at least I found one,"

An embracing hug,
the perfect kiss,
"If you had gone
your smile I'd miss"

I look at you.
It starts to rain.
"Will you be with me?
Through pleasure and pain?"

You nod your head
I touch your face
"Lets get home.
Away from this place."

Forever and lasting,
together we'll be.
Only alone will I
stand in that sea.

I found my angel,
from heaven above,
forever and for always
I found my true love!

If I touch your back,
I feel your wings,
You are the miracle,
that My Lady brings.