She who dreams the world

"What's wrong with her mother?" the boy asked his blue eyes clouded with concern as he started down at the younger child .

"Your presence troubles her ." Mother whispered softly her green eyes shimmered with the shifting light.

"But why? Why does she not awaken?"

"Because little prince , she is dreaming."

"She has been asleep a awful long time, what is she dreaming of?"

"She's dreaming of me and you right now , she's dreaming of the mountains and rivers and lakes and seas and all in between. She's dreaming the world."

"Oh." He stared down at the porcelain features of his sister. Her once rosy cheeks were pale and cold beneath his fingertips. The color had drained from her cherub lips , even her hair seemed to have lost its luster . Her breaths were few and far between, her small chest rose slowly beneath the white linen gown. The round body lay stiff beneath the light fabric. Dark shadows flickered across her eyelids the only sign of life beneath.

"Will she ever awaken?" He asked turning those sea blue eyes on the lady.

She took his hand and held it in hers. "No."

"is it because of me?"

"No little prince, its because of destiny. She is the Dreamer and one day , you will be the Dream Eater."

"But there is already a Dream Eater.." the boy began to protest but was silenced by a violent shivering shadow flirting across the girls face.

"You cause her pain young one."

"I am sorry sister " he whispered bending her lips close to her tiny ear .

"When the old Dream Eater draws near his time , it will be your turn to take up the night and devour her dreams. You must eat the world she has created swallow the seas drop by drop and peel back the sky till there's nothing left but daylight."

"I don't think I want to be a Dream Eater mother."

"You already are son, she has dreamed it for you so that it must be. My only regret is that she became what she is before you became what you must be."

"I am happy that I am not yet a Dream Eater."

"Why is that?"

"Because I can enjoy what it is she has dreamt for me." He said smiling down at the beautiful child."

"That you should my son."

And it came to pass that within a fort night the old Dream Eater consumed the old world and thus destroyed himself. The young girl, who still lay on a golden bed in the Palace of Dawn, dreamed of another world. Her brother, the young prince became the Dream Eater, King of the Night Realm and took up the task of devouring the new born realms his sister dreamt into existence.