"Does it hurt when I come to you my love?" he whispered brushing a pale hand across the girl child's face. She was as ethereal and beautiful as before. Her smooth cherub features having stretched into the proud lines and contours of a goddess still flickered with shadows of passing days. All dreamed up beneath the veil of silky white hair.

A breath of cold wind poured in from the large window beyond the golden bed and there she was. Her pale face tilted toward him imploringly. Long thin fingers twining through a lock of moonbeam hair which lay across her bare shoulders.

"Hello brother." She sighed straightening her silk gown over her thin shoulder blades. " Despite the pain it causes I have missed you're soothing voice." She whispered crossing the room to sit on the bed next to her own sleeping form.

"Yes, it has been too long since last we spoke." He took her in his arms and pressed her close against his chest. Although she moved and spoke as a real person did this ethereal figure was no more than a ghost of the girl that slept. Conjured in answer to his troubled question.

" Tell me then. Why do you allow me here if it causes you pain." He asked as they strolled along a vast echoing hallway lined with magnificent marble statues of other Gods and goddesses of the Realms.

"Many things I dream hurt me." She said nonchalantly as they stopped in the shadow of a statue depicting Maiden of the Meadow sitting in a field of flowers surrounded my many frolicking animals. A flowering vine which had crept up the trellis and draped its self around the form of a young buck, unfurled a tiny pink blossom and lightly dusted the pair beneath. The pollen alighted on the Dream eaters hair and dark embroidered cloak but drifted silently to the floor through the ghost of the Dreamer.

She sighed deep and longingly as she swiftly turned away. "Creatures hunt me in this world." She said not letting the hint of the fear she felt enter her soft voice. Things I have never felt could exist, seen and unseen heard and unheard. They stalk me, they hunt me in pack or singularly. Each creature more vile and deadly than the next. Cant you see the pain in this world ?" She spun around, arms wide in an all encompassing gesture. "You must destroy this place Brother! You must Eat it all before it catches me." The ghost girl turned opening wide beseeching eyes onto the King of the night realm. "Pleaseeee..." she whispered and then was gone. The ghost had vanished and the King awoke in a cold sweat. The sheets around him felt as leaden and suffocating as if he was drowning in a deep ocean.

Struggling out of the encumbersom bed with its dark billowing canopy the Dream Eater rushed to his balcony and threw open the door. The night air rushed in to buffet him driving sharp needle points of rain deep into his flesh.