The Creation of the World

Long ago, in the time of the sea serpent, man and beast waged war upon each other. The almighty Shanna knew it was time to put an end to the hatred and violence. So one day, the almighty Shanna clapped her hands and said 'And in this time of darkness I proclaim that all men shall perish to make way for the next generation of man, those who will obey my command and be at peace with one another, and beast, and the land!' Lightning flashed and thunder struck, and the rains fell down and washed away all man and beast .

Soon enough, the water drained away and left a layer of mud. Out of this mud all the trees, bushes, herbs, grass and flowers were born. The almighty Shanna observed her handiwork and remembered the animals that had roamed the earth before. From the different plants, she bore the different animals: Bear, tortoise, fox, dog, horse, buffalo, bird, hare. She watched as they became accustomed to their new home. Biting her lip, she thought back to man and all the destruction he had caused. She hesitated, then pulled out a strand of her hair and created a man. Afterwards she pulled out a strand of his hair and created a woman.

These creatures managed to get along, for a long time. But happiness would not last for long.

On a seemingly peaceful day, Woman was gathering up food for her and Man to eat. While picking berries from one of the bushes, a bear managed to get offended, and knocked Woman in the head, splaying her brains across the forest floor.

When the almighty Shanna learned what happened, she burst into tears. Soon her tears created oceans and rivers, lakes and seas. Finally Man came to the almighty Shanna and tried to comfort her.

"Shanna," He said, "don't cry. You can make another woman." Shanna ceased crying.

"You know, Man," The Almighty Shanna said, "you're right."

Taking another strand of hair from Man's head, Shanna created another woman and the world lived on.