Here I stand beneath the boughs of ageless trees,
All alone with no one beside me.
The wind whispers of unknown things,
As it blows, as it sings.
Shadows play hide and seek,
Following them wears out my soul and makes me weak,
I can't catch the shadows, they are too fast,
After all, they are merrily memories of my past,
Intangible beings of events long ago,
Begging me to see what they can show.
What? I see nothing here,
I am filled with overwhelming fear.
Darkness creeps up on me and to light I am blind,
My shadows I can't seem to find.
Calling, calling out into the empty sky,
When no one answers, crimson tears fall as I cry.
No more memories of who I used to be,
No more memories of me.
The past slips through my hands like grains of sand,
I look up and see my mind's barren wasteland,
A land no longer basking in the light of my childlike smile.
All of it has slipped away,
I don't know what to say,
My innocence has shattered,
My soul is ripped apart and battered.
I've been stoned by the rocks of hurt and shame,
I am the one to blame.
I sit upon the ground, hang my head,
My childhood, all I used to be is dead.
I'm not me anymore,
I didn't see it before,
But now, now everything is clear.
I open my eyes, gaze in the mirror,
And instead of beauty and life,
I see a soul plagued by strife.
Blood and tears combine into the image's hideous grin,
I turn away, but what I see is etched upon my skin.
I feel myself crying out with heart felt yearning,
The soul inside is burning.
I am lost beneath twisted trees,
I stumble on failure and fall to my knees,
I've ruined myself, my soul, my heart,
Failed to play my destined part.
Now I stand alone in the trap of my mind,
Nothing to look for, nothing to find.
Hounded by sparkles of my distant past,
Here where nothing seems to last,
The tears I cry form crystal lakes,
Rimmed by the dirt of my mistakes.
Will I ever see tomorrow?
I want is to fall into the crystal lake, drown in my sorrow.
No one can see what eats me from inside,
If only they knew the horrors I hide.
But what do they care?
My misery is something I don't wish to share.
Or maybe I do,
With someone as special as you.
I don't know if you will understand,
The horrors and sorrow of my tormented land.
I've lost a part of myself,
Upon a dusty, cobweb covered shelf,
Somewhere deep within,
Guarded by evil and sin.
I'll never find it again,
Never will that part of me mend.
It's lost forever, can't you see,
The innocence that was once a part of me,
Is gone.