Thank you

You raised me since I was I baby
Saved me from harm your arms- my safety
Praised me and yelled when I rebelled being lazy
Wisdom that never cease to amaze me; I'm glad you made me

When I was sick and to weak for two weeks you were there
I remember that look of care when you sat by my bed in a chair
You thought I was unaware, but at night you were in my prayers
Still afraid of your stares but to me the only reason I breathe air

Were both getting older but I'll never turn a shoulder on the road we
walked together
There things about me you'll never understand and as a man I think you
deserve better
I'm your only son, your rising sun, the reason you worked so hard to give
me a better life
Leaving your country, dealing with strife, I understand and appreciate the
price of your sacrifice

We all live and learn, make mistakes, act fake, and lie
When you learn to love, give everything it takes like I, then you'll know
This is the only poem I ever wrote besides hurt that brought a tear to my
To live a life without you guys by my side. I think I'd rather die

I remember when you spanked me and said you day you'll thank me- it's true
Today's the day that I say what I've always wanted to say but never had the
courage to
Thank you and I love you.