Broken Spirit

I'm trapped, alone and friendless
Left in a dark room with creatures unknown
They howl and they moan
They growl too
And I am left alone
With them

I feel the pain
Snake up my back
Feel the hurt
The suffering
The lies

I am a broken spirit
They have left me to rot
With others of my kind

They broke me with lies
They broke me with truths
They broke me with suffering
And with burdens

But that is only half of what they did
The harmed my spirit
Threatened to kill
Tortured my soul
And left me to the mill

They have broken my spirit
Wounded my soul
Harmed by body
And destroyed my escape

I am nothing but a broken spirit
In a dark womb
In a dark cavern
In a dark room

I am a broken spirit
And that's what I'll be
Until someone comes
And fixes me