Two to Tango
by: trista groulx

Maybe it's not me you should be looking at
Maybe it's yourself, and maybe it's him
Before you take that plunge, open your eyes
It takes two tango, one to lie, one to believe it all
I don't really know you all that well
I don't claim to know the truth
You don't really know me, no one really does
Neither claim to have all the answers
And I don't really give a flying fuck
About what you, or anyone may say
If he lied well, I believed it, and I'm sorry
If he told the truth then why are you so mad?
I'm sorry, but I don't regret it, I won't
I just hope you're mad at the right one
Glad I'm not the one picking up the pieces
Maybe you should be mad at me
Maybe you should be mad at yourself
Or maybe you should be mad at him
Just take a very close look
Before you take that plunge
I may not know you very well
But you have feelings not unlike my own
And I'd hate to see you hurt real bad
I'm sorry if I you think I made a mistake
Blame me for it all, if you must
But it takes two tango, one to lie, one to believe it all
Just put it in the closet if you must
But skeletons, they do fall out
And , honey, I am not ashamed
I did nothing wrong as far as I can see
I got what I wanted, call me what you will
But it took two that night
Both willing, both wanting
And I only know what I'd been told
So if he lied, then I didn't know
The truth that lies there in the middle
But if he did then who's to blame?
Open your eyes before you take that leap
See what you need to see
Then do what you will
And hate me for what I did to you
But, honestly, I don't care if you hate me
If that's the lie you want to believe
Just don't expect me to be the one
To be the one to take all the blame
You cannot make me ashamed
He's the one who should have told the truth
I don't know you very well
And I'm sorry if I hurt you bad
But I'm not the one at which you should be mad
And I'm sorry I cannot be ashamed
About something I wanted so bad
Because he said there was no we
That was what I wanted
This is what I heard, there was just single hood
It took two to tango, I will admit
It took one to lie, and one to believe it all
Just look beyond the feelings of the now
And make the right choice, somehow, some way
I'm not about to interfere with all of that
But ask me what you think you may need to know
I'm not ashamed to tell the story
If you ever want to listen, to hear the other side
And I'm not too proud to say I'm sorry
Even if I feel I did nothing wrong