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"You're going to have to talk to them both soon. You can't go on ignoring them forever," said Lucy as we walked down the street.

"I can try," I replied.

"I must say you are doing a fabulous job, so how long have you been able to avoid them so far? Two weeks and you even go to school with one of them every day. I must say I'm quiet I'm pressed," grinned Lucy.

"Well when there is a will there's a way," I grumbled. Avoiding people is a lot harder than you may think. Just when you think its safe they pop up out of know where, like the psychos in scary movies.

"I can't believed you stuffed yourself in a locker," laughed Lucy and I glared at her. It wasn't that funny and I had a fricken text book jabbing into me and the locker smelt feral.

"I figure if I ignore it long enough it will go away," I replied and tried to delude myself into believing that it was true.

"Speak of the devil," grinned Lucy and I looked up to find that Azza and Shane had just turned the corner and were walking straight towards us. So naturally I dove in the bushes next to me and prayed that they didn't see me while I tried to ignore the fact that I had a bush jabbing me in weird places I didn't wish to be jabbed.

"Rory, what the hell are you doing in the bushes?" asked Shane. Damn they found me!

I peered up from my hiding place in the bushes and very ungracefully stumbled out. Everyone was looking at me waiting for an explanation and I could see that Lucy was trying hard not to laugh. I would hate for her to help out a dear friend that has just been attacked by a stupid bush.

"Well you see there was a this giant chicken…" I said trailing off.

Then as if on que Lucy's mobile started ringing and everyone was distracted allowing me to try and come up with a slightly more believable story.

"I have to go," Lucy mouthed to me while still on the phone and took off in the other direction with a wave of her hand. Great now I'm stuck with people I really don't want to be stuck with. You got to love that.

"So…" said Shane trying to make conversation and to break the awkward silence that had been there ever since Lucy left.

"I feel like I've hardly seen you in ages," commented Azza as we slowly started to dawdle down the street.

"Yeah I've been really busy," I replied and pretend that the recently found hole in my jumper was the most interesting thing that I had ever come across.

Beside me Azza cleared his throat really loudly. "Well I have to see a man about a thing," said Shane hurriedly. "I'll catch up with you guys later."

Just like that he was off down the street, anyone would think that I smelt. I showered the other day, what more do you people want? And that was just about as subtle as a sledgehammer.

"Rory we really need to talk," said Azza and he tugged on my elbow softly to stop me from continuing walking and to probably stop me from piss bolting. Damn his on to me!

"Yeah about the other week, I never meant for it to happen and I just kind of hope that if I avoid the subject for long enough that we might be able to pretend it never happened," I rambled on. This was just about as hard as I thought it would be. I knew I should have run away and joined the circus.

"Oh," replied Azza and I could tell by his voice that he was hurt.

"I'm really sorry if I seemed like I was leading you on or anything. You're a fantastic guy and I love to piece but just not in that way. I know I'm a complete bitch most of the time but I hope we can still be great buddies," I rattled on trying to salvage some of our friendship.

"Of course we're still friends," smiled Azza, but I could tell that it was just for show. "I better be going."

"Do I get a hug?" I asked and put on my puppy dog eyes. Hugs can make everything better. Or at least that's what I keep telling myself.

Azza gave me a quick embrace before he, like the others deserted me and I was left alone in the street. I sniffed my jumper and found that it actually did smell a bit funky and figured I better go home and change before anyone else ran away from me and I started attracting stray cats.