Alone she stands - so straight
For the King she does await
Her porcelain back gently arching
Beads on her dress daintly clinking

will he like it?

I'm so nervous; I'm so scared.
Will my dance foul up, will it be bad?
My family back home is waiting,
The King arrives; so intimidating-!

behold the beauty

The music starts - she begins
Dancing like a little lambkin
On tipped toes, pirouetting;
He's leaning slightly forward, ogling.

is he enjoying?

She looks so pretty; she looks so fair.
None of my harem girls could ever compare.
Just look at the way she's frolicking
I'm so excited; I think I'm drooling.

will she come?

She parts her lips as she spins in the air
Heaven's own melody seems to hang in there
She sings of poverty, of endless toiling
he's hearing but not listening.

he's lusting

How we suffer, how we sweat
Back home where rain hasn't fallen yet
The crops are withered; I'm pleading.
Give me money for my little dance, oh King?


She seems like a goddess celestine
Such a contrast; the King's so obscene
The music stops: he's beckoning
Her naivete knows not what he's desiring

now she's mine.

Only in his room does she realize with a shock
As with a leering grin the door he locks
From her waist, a dagger she's taking
And on the floor two scarlet puddles are forming


No more hurting,
No more hunger.
No lecher King,
No little dancer.
A/N: Acknowledgements to Melly for the idea of using different POVs as in her Water Carrier and Omi for editing!