"So we meet again,
just you and me again,
always in the end,
I still call you friend,

So how goes life?
And the way you're livin it?
Still cary that knife?
Next to that survival kit?

Every time I see you
you're bracing for the fall,
when reasons always seam few,
you hide from it all.

and every time we meet,
I can't remember your look,
from head down to feet,
but I just know its a new form you've took.

It's like you stalk me constantly,
and even in my dreams
it appears that instantly,
you've picked and chosen teams.

So persistant,
not worthwhile,
so insistant,
and motives so vial.

But with every shape you take,
I fall for it again,
always this mistake I'll make
of trusting you my friend."