The lights are off
I'm sitting in the dark
Watching the rain laugh
Listening to the dogs bark

Damn I miss you
You're a million miles away
I wish I were there too
What more can I say?

Today I'm so happy
I spoke to you on the phone
Woke up feeling so crappy
Now that feeling is gone

You know I like it
Every time you give me a hug
My soul is now lit
Like that glowing bug

It's all in my heart
These strong feelings for you
I want to make a new start
What more should I do?

I have awaited long
For you to tell me you care
How long must I sing this song?
This is going nowhere

I'm feeling so lonely
You should be by my side
If I could change things, if only
I wouldn't have to hide

Maybe I'm to blame
Couldn't hold on tight enough
Oh what a shame
Without you I don't feel tough

You know I really love you
Whenever you kiss me on my mouth
Today I wear my dancing shoes
Do you have any doubt?

I can say I'm not sad
Tell me, are you scared?
Baby, you're driving me mad
Wondering if you ever cared

I walk around in a daze
Searching for you my love
Thoughts are a jumbled craze
My heart's floating up above

Yeah I killed you
I'm not going to crack
You broke my heart too
I love you, life is all you lack

This is the way I like it
I'm always going to miss you
You know how much I want you
I killed you, I'm not going to crack